By refusing to approve or provide viable alternatives to the budget staff has carefully developed to implement the provisions of a duly adopted commercial cannabis cultivation control ordinance, two of our local elected public servants have worked against effective program implementation and guarantee program failure by inadequate funding and enforcement capacity. Furthermore, in my opinion, these men of great personal conviction did their constituents great disservice by intentionally choosing to be true to their own personal ideological bias against non-offending regulated taxpaying businesses instead of their sworn oath to effectively protect and serve the greater public good.

Underfunded poorly administrated regulatory programs and unfunded bans provide more benefit to uncontrolled scofflaws who operate outside of the law for illegal untaxed financial gain than they do to provide protection against the impacts of uncontrolled illegal business activities.

In my opinion, based in part on the continuing long term trend of large scale “cartel” grows near my home despite local and state prohibitions, an effective program to regulate tax paying compliant business subject to legal and financial oversight is not, as some would have us believe, a gateway opening up our relatively peaceful communities to criminal activity, it’s the only viable path proposed to achieve long term effective control of problems associated with illegal activities.

Conversely, an underfunded regulatory system or ban and ongoing whack-a-mole type enforcement program using existing limited county resources are evidently not an effective path toward elimination of problems associated with outlaw operations, many of who simply moved under cover or indoors when all outdoor cultivation was banned. History has shown prohibitions on popular valuable products cannot be effectively enforced and do less for public protection and more to help those who profit from illegal activity that will continue with or without prohibition as long as there are humans on the Earth.

A primary argument given in justification of prohibition administered and enforced with existing county resources seems to be that registered inspected taxpaying growing businesses subject to county oversight and control are just as much of a pollution, wellbeing and safety threat as those who chose to operate untaxed and uncontrolled outside the law.

I don’t wish to disrespect or argue with anyone, but if someone has experienced noncompliance problems with a county authorized commercial cannabis cultivation site allowed by local government program under control and enforcement authority of the temporary UO created by local government, wasn’t inadequate administration and enforcement program the cause, not the duly vetted and County authorized, inspected and tested compliant taxpaying businesses legally and financially liable to a myriad of requirements from local and state agencies?

It is unreasonable to assume that all elected public servants are corrupt if one elected public servant is corrupt. In my view the same applies to any group, including registered commercial cannabis cultivation businesses invested in the county. Functional regulatory systems benefit us all by weeding out noncompliant bad actors. Prohibition based on presumption of wrongdoing of a whole group is simply bigotry.

Let’s not forget that we are no longer in the age of reefer madness. Adult cannabis use is legal in Calaveras County. Uncontrolled cultivation has been occuring here for decades during prohibition and is not likely to disappear because of a ban ordinance in this county. We need effective regulatory control assistance from our public institutions.

It’s high time for good intended obstructionist supervisors to swallow their pride and do their sworn duty to act in everyone’s best interest, not just the interest of those who agree with their hardline attitudes against businesses willing to invest and contribute to improving the future prospects of our economically depressed communities.

Glen Malliet,

Mountain Ranch


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