The problem with climatefeedback.org, is it is entirely one-sided, biased, and without checks or balances. So, basically, they are not peer reviewed. It comes as no surprise that they have a dispute with scientists that do not believe that climate change is real.

Scientists that push climate change for the most part are speculating that the earth is heating up based on their “models,” which can be in error. Climate change scientist Ethan Siegal, who wrote an article in Forbes magazine, admitted that climate change and the models that are used are very complex. There have been climate change models that were failures. How do we know what is being used today is wrong or right?

We’ve had climate change predictions going back 50 years and not one of them have come true, starting with the ice age that was predicted in the 1960s and ’70s. If it were true, no one today would be talking about global warming.

The claim that most scientists believe in climate change is simply not true. The National Association of Scholars acknowledged that at least 40% of scientists doubt man-made global warming. Scientists are telling us that the earth is doing something that can very well be a natural change that is taking place on its own, and we are mistaking it as man made. This is something that I believe scientists should debate, and those that do not believe it should not be dismissed simply as “deniers.” It doesn’t help that people like Greta Thunberg are going around claiming the earth is coming to an end, when reasoning should instead prevail and a discussion should be held on the veracity of climate change.

Jerry Avalos,

Valley Springs


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