This is in response to Mr. Wychopen’s article in the May 2 issue. For the sake of argument, I will accept the 9,000 false and misleading statements Mr. Wychopen suggests. I would only ask that he do the same for Nancy Pelosi.

My point is, unfortunately you won’t find a politician that hasn’t given false and misleading statements. If they didn’t, they probably wouldn’t get elected. There are small lies that really don’t affect people’s day-to-day lives and there are big ones that do. Those are what people remember. Like President Obama telling people that “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, period.” Now that’s a big lie which affected a lot of people.

President Trump promised he would ignite the economy, 3.2% GDP this last quarter. The economy has continued to grow since his election; the stock market is up 30% since his election. I’m sure everyone’s retirement is thankful. Unemployment is at record lows across the board. People’s wages are going up. There has been a 4% increase to the bottom 25% of wage earners, 3% for higher earners.

I can tell you, being someone who has been hiring frantically in the past few months, there is a shortage of skilled workers and people who want to work. There is no shortage of unskilled which we continue to let in daily from our southern border.

The job market is so tight that we gave record raises to our employees the past few months. Given more people are working, they don’t need to be on the ACA program because they are getting it from their employer. Concerning the ACA, for what I have experienced if you make any kind of money you can’t afford the deductibles anyway.

So these are some of the reasons that Mr. Trump’s base stands behind him. He has spoken the truth on what he promised. He promised to cut regulations, he did that. He promised to deal with immigration and has done everything one man can do without Congress. He said he did not collude with the Russians, and after a two-year investigation, he was right. He said he was being spied on by the FBI; he was right on that also.

Most people care about what people say when it affects their day-to-day lives and that is exactly what Mr. Trump has done. There are some who just don’t like the man and just can’t get over their loss in the last presidential election. I just wish we could get some Trump economics in California.

California is the opposite of what Mr. Trump has done: high taxes, high regulations and politicians continuing to lie to us they are going to fix things. When they say they are going to fix things that means another tax or regulation is coming. All they have given us is an education system that is in the bottom tier, high poverty and the highest homelessness in the country. This is what you get with four decades of one-party rule. That’s what people should be writing about. Not the president. In the end, all I can say to those who just can’t stand this man is “Get over it!” I got over eight years of Obama, and if you can get over that, you can pretty well get over anything.


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