Coming to your new congressional district in November is a Republican candidate who is not blue-collar or working-class friendly. Tom McClintock or Dan Lungren.

After checking out his vote record, speeches and public position on issues, he will be the fox who guards the chickens. He is to coin a phrase “a corporate whore” who votes against people and the middle-class way of life.

He votes to cut corporate taxes, deregulate Wall Street, defund the departments that give us safe food, air and roads, while asking for subsidies for job creators who move jobs overseas. His history in California and Congress shows he is a liar, hypocrite, and while he calls bills to help working-class folks useless, he writes letters to agencies asking for millions in funding from programs he calls wasteful. This person has spent the last three years in Washington, voting no on every effort to help the economy while voting in favor of anti-voter, anti-women, anti-civil rights and anti-Social Security and Medicaid funding.

When you look at what Republican politicians are doing in many of the Mid-West and “redneck” states to workers and the elderly, you may want to vote for some other party politician.

John Raine

Valley Springs