I would like to offer some insight to the practice of hanging dead coyotes on fence posts. It started during the mid-1900s as “proof of kill” to ranchers who paid a bounty for coyotes that were killed on their ranches by selected hunters.

While bounties are no longer paid in this area I believe we may see a resurgence of this practice, as there is a rapid population explosion of coyotes throughout the United States today, noted by evidence of increased sightings in highly populated areas such as the L.A. basin, San Francisco Bay Area and smaller cities such as Stockton and Lodi.

With this increase in their population we are seeing a greater boldness in these wild animals in order for them to obtain enough food, especially in areas of high human population. A prime example of an area like this would be Rancho Calaveras where daily sightings are not uncommon.

You stated that you have dogs, please watch over them as dogs and cats are a favorite meal of coyotes. Prior to fencing our yard they made numerous attempts at making a meal of our yorkie. Also be advised coyotes are legal to hunt 365 days a year.

As for the presence of a beer can near the dead coyote, remember any moron can be a litterbug. Most of the real hunters that I know are fine upstanding citizens that I am proud to call my friends.

Tom Dockter

Valley Springs

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