Kevin Wychopen’s May 23 article had me almost falling off my chair laughing. To save readers time, I’m going to spare everyone mounds of researched facts and instead get to Wychopen’s article and basically summarize it.

For the most part, Wychopen is typical of the person on the left; he despises Trump and certainly does not want the president to receive any credit for any of his positive accomplishments by essentially saying that he didn’t do that alone (sounds familiar?). Wychopen spent a remarkable amount of time in the article calling Trump a liar. He also mentioned that Trump cut back on regulations so people can die from toxic pollutions … seriously? But Trump isn’t alone. Leftists really believe that Republicans and conservatives do not want clean water and air and don’t want safe work conditions, which is beyond outrageous.

Wychopen did admit that Obama said that “if you like your doctor you’ll be able to keep your doctor,” but then went to play it down by saying that he didn’t lie, but was perhaps inaccurate and that he tried to fix a broken healthcare system. Certainly history proves that Obama’s ACA made it worse, but you won’t catch them admitting that, but ask Mr. and Mrs. Middleclass and they will tell you the nightmares of sky-high premiums and sub-par medical attention, which Wychopen plays down.

Wrapping this up, Wychopen’s article was another bash Trump article, which reflects the left’s mental state called Trump Derangement Syndrome.


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