I once was a magnificent state and referred to as the Golden State with my magnificent landscape, beaches and mild weather. I was known for being a progressive state, on the cutting edge of innovation. I was the envy of other states. Songs were written about me. People couldn’t wait to come to me, explore my many treasures and live in my domain, the Golden State, the best of all.

Now the other states mock me, laugh and call me names. They say, “Look at you now, you are no longer the Golden State, the Hot Shot State.” They tell me my traffic is burdensome, highway and infrastructure are crumbling, cities and towns are overcrowded, filthy, full of crime and overrun with homeless and illegals, all contributing to crime, drugs and violence.

I now have a governor that is a nuisance, who cares about personal goals, overturning the death penalty because he doesn’t believe in it. He doesn’t want to give the honest tax-paying citizens full health care; instead, he prefers to award it to illegal immigrants. My leaders have made me a sanctuary state, so illegals can get health care and benefits ahead of honest, tax-paying, legal citizens and allow them to live here, violating and disrespecting my honest, legal citizens. I have a representative that works harder for illegals than my honest citizens, is the darling of the local paper, and Pelousy set of representatives throughout the state that believe the same. I have two senators that follow suit and work lockstep in hand to dismantle me, the Golden State. My state officials are no better.

The other states tell me that I have 22% of the homeless and the highest rate of poverty. I am told I now issue 33% of the welfare checks, lead the nation in food stamp distribution and am the second most costly state to live in. My leaders wish to raise taxes to support those that don’t deserve the benefits that I distribute. I am turning Blue with despair, but I do know there is a Red ray of hope on the horizon, the pendulum always swings and I hope to see it swing soon, to return me to my former state of glory, as the Golden State for all.


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