Diversity in thought has always been part of the human experience, but it seems that in recent years, tolerance, love, community pride and support for each other in spite of differences, has evaporated. The replacement for these qualities seems to be hatred, intolerance, division and bullying, which breaks my heart because we may not always agree but need each other in spite of our differences.

I became involved with a passionate group of community members who are fighting for a safe and positive learning environment at school while protecting their children from forced vaccines or safety protocols which are factually challenged at the very least. These people are the best among us because they fight for what they believe, regardless of judgment or obstacles, and they do it out of love for their community and their children. I have the utmost respect for them because they are fearless in their pursuit of what they feel is best for our future leaders and the process by which they learn.

We have school board members at VUSD who are also tasked with making decisions on complicated and controversial issues, but (on Dec. 13) they stood united in not approving a resolution about mandated vaccines and safety protocols. They decided to wait until health officials give direction, and at that time they will determine what action to take and allow the public to participate in this process.

They have a very difficult job, and at times there is no perfect solution, but as one who understands the consequences of public service, thank you, Mark, Tom, Sarah and Tom, for delaying any decision until more information is received.

I propose putting aside our differences for a while and enjoying the beautiful place in which we are blessed to live, and sharing the Christmas spirit with everyone, including those with whom we disagree. Peace and love.

Ralph Emerson



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