The following press release was issued by Calaveras County Air Pollution Control District Health and Human Services Agency

Smoke from the Ferguson Fire in Mariposa County is impacting air quality in Calaveras County.

The impact varies, based on geographical location and wind direction, but has the greatest

impact at this time on sensitive populations, including individuals with heart and lung disease,

elderly persons, infants, children and pregnant women.

As general cautionary measures, the following measures can be taken to protect during periods

of poor air quality:

• Minimize or stop outdoor activities, especially exercise

• Stay indoors with windows and doors closed as much as possible

• Do not run fans that bring smoky outdoor air inside – examples include swamp coolers,

whole-house fans, and fresh air ventilation systems

• Run your air-conditioner only if it does not bring smoke in from the outdoors. Change the

standard air conditioner filter to a medium or high efficiency filter. If available, use the

“re-circulate” or “recycle” setting on the unit

• Do not smoke, vacuum, fry food, or do other things that will create indoor air pollution

• If you have asthma, take your medications and follow your asthma management plan

Even healthy persons can be affected by wildfire smoke. If you can see or smell smoke, take

precautions. People with heart or lung disease who experience repeated coughing, shortness of

breath, difficulty breathing, wheezing, chest tightness or pain should contact their doctor or

clinic. “If an existing illness gets worse due to smoke exposure, seek medical help,” advised Dr.

Dean Kelaita, County Health Officer.

The Calaveras County Air Pollution Control District will continue monitoring the air quality in the

county and will provide additional advisories as air quality conditions evolve.

For more information call the Calaveras County Air Pollution Control District at (209) 754-6399

or Calaveras County Health and Human Services at (209) 754-6460.


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