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We had a wonderful Christmas with our Grandparents, Pete and Joanne Padelford, in Arnold. This year we decided to build a extra large snow dog and used our four year old yellow lab as the model. We had a lot of fun after driving up from San Diego and creating it with family. The yellow color…

Whose cockamamie idea was it to have a comedy poll of presidents and include Reagan as a contender with the other 4? It is not only insulting to the other 4 presidents that faced actual threats and succeeded, but is also a snide insult to Reagan who would not like the comparison at all. It i…

This photo was taken on Green Valley Road Wednesday afternoon.

Mr. Calaveras:Tony Boitano, home town boy, driven by Dr. Dean Kelaita, also of Moke Hill in front of the newly renovated town hall with the Mokelumne Hill Banner and parade line up in the back ground.

Connie Marston' 1999 Kindergarten class decided to pay her a visit on their 2012 Graduation Day to honor her for being such an awesome Teacher who they Love to this day! Congratulations to the Class of 2012 and to Connie for giving her class the jump start to success!

At some point in life most of us get tired of working. For me, it was after 55 continuous years (according to Social Security). But being idle is not the answer to a happy retirement.  As you can see, my love of old cars continues. In addition, I found that many people were willing to pay mo…

Fourteen runners or walkers from Calaveras County participated along with more than 6500 others in the Shamrock'n Half Marathon in Sacramento on Sunday, March 11th.

Ok, seems like this may be a mis-match...but sure looks like this brave feline is stalking out of its league.

Then some nice guys from City of Angels came to the rescue, since everything I threw at the tree stuck in the tree...  

Okay, what started out as a fun day in the park, flying a glider airplane...ended up seemingly bad as the plane ended up in a large, hungry tree. Then a soccer ball, then another soccer ball, then a shoe, then another shoe...sheesh...


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