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Merry Christmas

Christmastime brings about Christmas rhyme

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Christmastime brings about Christmas rhyme

’Twas the night before Christmas,

And I sat alone in my desk chair;

The newspaper office was completely empty,

Because of COVID-19, I was the only one there.

Christmastime brings about Christmas rhyme

Guy Dossi

I had just one more story to write,

Which typically is an easy task;

But this evening I was distracted,

And kept fiddling with my mask.

How could I concentrate,

When it’s the eve of Christmas Day;

With my deadline fast approaching,

I began to type away.

The year began in January,

And the 49ers were Super Bowl bound;

Nick Bosa was held on a 3rd-and-long,

But no penalty flag could be found.

In the biggest game of the year,

San Francisco finished second-to-one;

Perhaps that should have been an omen,

Of the year that was yet to come.

In February we learned of a virus,

That could perhaps shut us down;

But fear not, said Nancy Pelosi,

And come on down to Chinatown.

By March we needed to flatten the curve,

And in 15 days the bells of safety would ring;

But we’ve been locked up ever since,

Just like Joe Exotic, AKA, the Tiger King.

After months of feeling hopeless,

And refusing to do another Zoom call;

Some light began to surface,

When umpires again could say, “PLAY BALL!”

Sure it was odd,

With no fans to yell and cheer;

But baseball was being played,

Which was almost canceled this year.

Sure, the Dodgers won the series,

Much to the joy of their *cough* great fans;

And unlike the Houston Astros,

The Dodgers won by hitting a ball and not trash cans.

As COVID continued on,

A presidential election race was heating;

One candidate hid in his basement,

While the other couldn’t stop tweeting.

As much of the country,

Was seemingly split in two;

As least there’s football to watch,

That’s really all that’s left to do.

So now we wait,

For 2020 to finally end;

Here’s some unsolicited advice,

From your friendly sportswriter friend.

It’s Christmas time,

So be jolly, merry and have glee;

Things couldn’t possibly get worse,

Which will be famous last words from me.

So, kiss your loved ones,

And say hello to your pal;

For I’m heading home now,

To be greeted warmly by my gal.

I wish you all nothing but the best,

And together, let’s fight the good fight;

So Merry Christmas to all, And to all, let’s talk soon.


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