Ange becomes Bret Harte’s jack-of-all-trades

Adam Ange, 14, runs the ball against Delta Charter.

There’s a good chance that Adam Ange won’t know where he’s going to line up on the field from week to week. In the first two games of the season, the Bret Harte High School senior football player has started at two completely different offensive positions, while also being No. 2 on the quarterback depth chart.

Ange began the season by lining up at tight end. On Sept. 7 on the road against Delta Charter, he played fullback, which involved carrying the ball as well as being a lead blocker. And Ange is always one play away from being under center as Bret Harte’s quarterback.

One thing that Bret Harte head coach Casey Kester knows is that no matter what he asks of Ange, the senior will do it.

“That’s the kind of kid you want,” Kester said. “You’d like to have 10 or 15 kids like that on your roster, because it makes coaching very easy; when you have one kid who is selfless enough to do whatever is asked of him without complaining about it.”

During the spring and summer, Ange was learning everything he could about being Bret Harte’s quarterback. But, as the start of the season came close and the roster size started to dwindle, Kester made the call to move Ange from quarterback to tight end. But when there was another roster shakeup heading into the week 3 matchup against Delta Charter, Kester again moved Ange, this time from tight end to fullback. And again, Ange did what he was asked.

Ange becomes Bret Harte’s jack-of-all-trades

Bret Harte senior Adam Ange, 14, makes a tackle against Delta Charter.

“With our numbers, I know that somebody needs to step up and help out and play anywhere and I guess I’m that guy who will step up and do what needs to be done,” Ange said. “I don’t mind being that guy. It’s better knowing everything anyway, and I feel like I’m something special because I can play anywhere, instead of just one position.”

When Ange takes the field, there’s a big No. 14 on the front and back of his jersey. However, there’s a chance that if something happens to the offensive line, and Kester needs someone to fill a hole, that No. 14 could be replaced with the number to fit a lineman.

“We almost had to move him to the offensive line,” Kester said. “When we were dealing with the reality of our numbers, we were looking at different variations of what to do and I talked with him about moving down to the offensive line if certain things didn’t happen. He said that if that’s what we needed, that’s what he’d do.”

Ange becomes Bret Harte’s jack-of-all-trades

Adam Ange, 14, played fullback against Delta Charter and led the way for running back Tyler Cabral. 

Because Ange trained all spring and summer as a quarterback, he needed to know what everyone on the field was going to do on each play. So, when he was moved to tight end and now fullback, learning a new position wasn’t that difficult, as he already had a basic idea of what those positions would do on any given play.

“I’m glad I moved from quarterback to something else, rather than from something else to quarterback,” Ange said. “I already knew exactly where the fullback needed to be when we run most of our plays, so there were just some clarification questions I needed to ask. I knew where to go and what to do, but I just needed reminders on the little things.”

In Bret Harte’s 33-8 win over Delta Charter, Ange scored the Bullfrogs’ first touchdown. It didn’t come on a hard run or a great catch, rather, with an outstanding special teams play. With Delta Charter set to punt and Bret Harte trailing 8-0, Ange blasted past blockers, got a hand on the punt, picked up the loose ball, and scampered into the end zone for his first career varsity touchdown.

“I’m very lucky that the ball just bounced right into my hands,” Ange said. “I wasn’t worried about anybody catching me. I knew the ball rolled pretty far, and once I picked it up, I could see that I wasn’t too far from the end zone, so I should be able to score. Blocking a punt and scoring is not something that you see everyday.”

Ange becomes Bret Harte’s jack-of-all-trades

Adam Ange lines up at wide receiver against Orestimba. 

Kester added, “It couldn’t have happened to a nicer kid. To have him get in there and be part of the block and get the ball and score, was huge for him personally. It changed the momentum of the game and our guys got a lot more excited and it loosened things up for us.”

After two road games and a bye week to start the season, Bret Harte finally gets to play on its home turf. On Friday, the Bullfrogs take on El Dorado. Kester knows how much his team is looking forward to getting to play in front of the hometown crowd.

“We’ve been at practice since the last Monday in July, so it’s been a long time since they’ve been able to play in front of their fans,” Kester said. “They are looking forward to it.”

As for Ange, he can’t wait for his friends and family to watch the game. However, if the recent trend continues, they might have to look at all the positions to find out where he lines up.

“My friends finally get to see me do what I do, instead of watching some video with a bad angle,” Ange said. “They can actually see me in person. It feels great to finally have a home game.”


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