Calaveras scores early and often in 33-point win over Buhach Colony

Calaveras beat Buhach Colony 59-26 Tuesday night in San Andreas. 

If the first two games of the season are any indication, the Calaveras girls’ basketball team will have no problem scoring points. After two games, Calaveras has scored 145 points.

Of those 145 points, 59 were scored in a 59-26 home victory over Buhach Colony Tuesday night at Mike Flock Gym in San Andreas.

Tuesday was the first game that Calaveras had its complete roster. In the first game of the season, Calaveras beat Vanguard Prep 86-3 and were without the sister duo of Madison and Bailie Clark and junior Brooke Nordahl. Nordahl was happy to join her team on the floor and contributed solid minutes in the win over Buhach Colony.

Calaveras scores early and often in 33-point win over Buhach Colony

Calaveras senior Randi Adams goes up for a layup in the second half Tuesday night in San Andreas. 

“It was definitely hard to miss,” Nordahl said about not being at the first game of the season. “We were down in Los Angeles for a softball tournament, so it was hard letting my team down.”

Nordahl, who played volleyball for Calaveras during the fall and just finished travel softball, is still trying to get into basketball mode. And although she finished with seven points, Nordahl feels that she is still trying to find her shot.

“It takes a few weeks to get comfortable,” Nordahl said. “The first week, I was out of shape. It takes at least two or three weeks to get back into it. My shot is still iffy, but I’ll work on it.”

Calaveras scores early and often in 33-point win over Buhach Colony

Calaveras' Madyson Bernasconi moves the ball in the second half.

For first-year head coach Eric Baechler, having his full team together gave him his first look at what everyone could do in an actual game. Given that Calaveras won by 33 and controlled the game from the opening minute, Baechler couldn't be anything but happy to see his full team in action.

“We are a very deep team,” Baechler said. “From 1-to-11, any of them can play on the court at any time. It’s exciting. We didn’t have Madison, Bailie and Brooke for the first game and now that we have them, it definitely strengthens our roster. When you play us, you are going to have to play fast paced for four quarters of basketball.”

Buhach Colony scored the first points of the game and Calaveras responded by going on an 18-0 run. During the run, Calaveras got baskets from junior Laney Koepp, senior Sierra Lowry, Bailie Clark, senior Randi Adams, junior Madyson Bernasconi and senior Paytin Curran. Buhach Colony went on to score five unanswered points, but Calaveras ended the opening period with a basket in the paint from Bernasconi to go ahead 20-7.

Calaveras scores early and often in 33-point win over Buhach Colony

Calaveras senior Madison Clark plays defense in the first quarter. 

The second quarter began with Calaveras getting points in the paint from junior Jordynn Peterson following a steal. Buhach Colony scored back-to-back baskets, but Calaveras answered with points from sophomore Ginger Scheidt and Adams. The visitors got one more basket in the second quarter and Calaveras ended the half on a 9-0 run with points from Nordahl, Adams and Madison Clark. At the midway point, Calaveras led 35-13.

Baechler may have been happy to have a comfortable lead, but it also made it more difficult for him to keep the intensity up on the floor. He eventually pulled off his full-court press and continued to sub different players into the game.

“I’m trying to work right now on figuring out what group out there works together the best,” Baechler said. “We are still working on trying to be a complete team where we can not only play man-to-man, but work on our zone and full-court defense. It’s tough when you can only do it for a short period at a time.”

Calaveras scores early and often in 33-point win over Buhach Colony

Calaveras junior Bailie Clark draws contact in the paint. 

The third quarter began with Buhach Colony draining a field goal. Calaveras got its first five points of the second half from Paytin Curran, who celebrated her 18th birthday Tuesday night. After Curran scored five points in a row, Calaveras got baskets from Lowry, Koepp and Adams. The third quarter ended with back-to-back baskets from Madison Clark and a steal-and-basket from Adams. Calaveras led 54-18 with eight minutes to play.

In the fourth quarter, Calaveras (2-0) slowed its tempo down and the scoring slowed down as well. Calaveras scored five points in the final quarter, while Buhach Colony scored eight.

Adams had a team-high 13 points with two rebounds, one assist, one steal and one block; Madison Clark finished with eight points, one rebound, five assists and seven steals; Lowry had eight points, 13 rebounds, four assists and seven steals; Curran, on her birthday, had seven points, seven rebounds, two assists and one steal; Nordahl finished with seven points, three rebounds and three steals; Koepp had six points and two steals; Bernasconi had four points, three rebounds and one assist; Scheidt had two points, two rebounds, one steal and one block; Bailie Clark added two points, three rebounds, three assists and five steals; and Peterson had two points, four rebounds, one steal and one block.

Calaveras scores early and often in 33-point win over Buhach Colony

Randi Adams gets ready to shoot a jumper Tuesday night. 

“We are trying to have a lot of fun this year,” Baechler said. “We are not going hard and it’s a long season. They haven’t had a season like this in two-and-a-half years. We have a full 28-game schedule with a lot of tournaments. We are going to start slow and our goal is to be playing our best basketball come league time.”

Baechler got his first win as Calaveras’ head coach with a dominating 86-3 victory over the Vanguard College Prep Lions Nov. 19 at Mike Flock Gym in San Andreas.

The Lions scored three points in the opening quarter and that’s all they would score the rest of the game. At the end of the opening eight minutes, Calaveras had a 25-3 lead and extended that to 49-3 at the midway point. Calaveras outscored Vanguard 37-0 in the second half.

Calaveras scores early and often in 33-point win over Buhach Colony

On her 18th birthday, Calaveras senior Paytin Curran had seven points, seven rebounds, two assists and one steal. 

Adams had 19 points, six rebounds, two assists, one block and six steals; Curran had 17 points, seven rebounds and two steals; Lowry scored 15 points, pulled down nine rebounds, had one assist, and recorded two steals; Peterson had 10 points, six rebounds, one assist, three steals, and two blocks; Scheidt had eight points, two rebounds, three assists and three steals; Bernasconi scored six points, had four rebounds, four assists, one block and five steals; Koepp added six points, one rebounds, a team-high eight assists, one block and three steals; and sophomore Izabella Tapia had four points, six rebounds, one assist and three steals.

As a team, Calaveras was 4 for 7 shooting free throws and had 40 rebounds, 19 assists, 24 steals and five blocks.


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