Forget pumpkin spice, football is back!

Guy Dossi

Andy Williams was wrong. Christmas isn’t the most wonderful time of the year; for we are currently in the most wonderful time of the year.

Sure, Christmastime has family, presents and Festivus, but that is nothing close to the wonderful time that is the fall season. I wait all year for fall to get here, and now that it is, I can’t contain my excitement.

First of all, just the idea that the 100-degree days are soon to be a thing of the past is cause for celebration. I live for September, October and November. The weather gets cooler, the trees change colors and the sports world really gets exciting.

Over the next two months, we, as sports fans, get the return of football, which includes high school, college and professional, and the baseball playoffs. Now, given the current trajectory of the Giants, I don’t imagine that I will have too much to root for once the baseball playoffs come around. However, that doesn’t mean that I won’t be rooting for my new favorite team, and that’s whoever is playing the Dodgers. The only thing better than the Giants winning a World Series is watching the Dodgers lose it. 

With the fall upon us, we can now get ready for the NFL season. And every fan of every team thinks that this year will be the year they can celebrate … except Raiders fans. Come on, you know I’m right. But enjoy the final year of being able to say Oakland Raiders. The Las Vegas Raiders just rolls off the tongue, don’t you think?

As a 49er fan, I have grown accustomed to brainwashing myself into thinking that things will once again be different this year. And you know what? They will. Anytime you lose your starting quarterback, things typically don’t work out for you. Of course, that theory doesn’t apply to the 1999 Rams, the 2001 Patriots or the 2017 Eagles. 

But if the 49ers can stay healthy and win the close games, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t find themselves in the playoffs. Although, does it really matter? As long as Tom Brady is wearing an NFL helmet (sorry, Antonio Brown, that counts you out), he’ll always be the one who has the best chance of winning a Super Bowl.

As much as I enjoy the NFL, there’s just something special about college football. Sure, the players are unpaid, unless you play for Alabama or USC, but it feels like the players are out there just playing for the love of the game. Right, the millions of dollars the NFL is offering also a strong incentive, I get it. 

Being a Notre Dame Fighting Irish fan, I’ve become very accustomed to watching my team play well, only to never win a national championship. But if Notre Dame can’t capture the big one, I’d sure like to see a school like Stanford or Cal win it, although I know that’s just a dream as well. Nevertheless, rooting for your favorite college team often can be the highlight of a sports week.

So, enjoy the fall season. Bust out your sweaters and make some hot chocolate. The heat of summer will be gone, but the harsh winter weather will be coming sooner rather than later. And remember, as long as the Dodgers choke once again, you’ll see me with a smile on my face this fall.


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