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Cool times under the sun

Relax with the arts in Roxi’s Garden.Courtesy photo

Relax with the arts in Roxi’s Garden.Courtesy photo

With more music than your device could hold emerging from under spring’s rainfall, this summer looks like one for the record books. Even as the musicians tune up and prepare to step onstage, however, there’s more fun in the works.

You can stroll through the shaded paths of a lovely garden near West Point during the 17th annual Art in the Garden from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, June 22, at Roxi’s Garden. The site is just “down the hill” from West Point off Highway 26.

“Whimsical touches abound,” a release says of the garden. “And surrounding the venue are many acres of lush woodland and meadows.”

This cool summertime event brings as many as 26 different artists to the garden, all of them selling their creations at “an affordable range of pricing,” the release said. Proceeds from the day in the garden will support the Blue Mountain Coalition for Youth and Families in West Point.

“Among the trees, flowers and plants, you will find wearable art, garden art, paintings, collage, photography, textile art, stained glass, ceramics, jewelry and more,” the release said. “Think gifts, variety and something for every room in the house.”

Art in the Garden mixes music, art and good times outside West Point on June 22.Courtesy photo

Art in the Garden mixes music, art and good times outside West Point on June 22.Courtesy photo

The artists have also all donated prizes for the Art in the Garden Raffle.

Don’t think you’ll peruse the paintings, sculptures and jewelry in silence. Music is performed throughout the event by Marilyn Williams, the Windburn Brothers (“featuring the well-known ‘Slade,’” the release says), and Richie & Friends.

On the patio, folks from West Point’s Academy Club will sell salads, deli sandwiches and sodas. Members of Blaise L. Raper Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3322 in West Point sell beer and wine, and members of the Ladies Missionary sell coffee and homemade pies.

The entire event is free to enjoy and we’re told there is ample parking. For more, call Lee Bergman at 293-4210.

“Support creative local artists while discovering a one-of-a-kind peaceful garden in West Point,” the release concludes.



Also in West Point, the Blue Mountain Coalition for Youth and Families stages a Summer Art Studio for children ages 8 to 12 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. June 24 through June 28, at the center at 364 Main St., West Point.

The weeklong series of classes and fun includes presentations by artist and musician Nedra Russ on an “introduction to Music,” “Learning Original Song by Nedra & Julio,” “Introduction to Drawing and Painting,” and the young artisans get to create original artworks through the week. The kids make crafts, too, and “healthy” homemade lunches and snacks are included.

Russ is a local artist and musician who has worked with BMCYF for a number of years. Nedra & Julio have played music at area events for nearly a decade.

During the week, students get to explore music and visual arts and will work on a song written by Nedra & Julio, and complete a variety of painting projects.

The artwork and music created in the Summer Art Studio will be presented at the BMCYF Summer Family Fest on June 29, but no details on that event have been released.

The Summer Arts Studio if free, but space is limited. Register by calling 293-4500.

The Blue Mountain Coalition for Youth and Families provides numerous community outreach programs for all ages. At the center in the heart of West Point, gardening, cooking, art and music sessions are staged. Teen outreach programs and community events are also part of the nonprofit organization. To make a donation, send it to P.O. Box 41, West Point, CA 95255.

We can begin to savor the flavors from Calaveras County this month, too, as the CalaverasGROWN Certified Farmers Market opens from 4 to 6 p.m. June 13, at the Demonstration Garden at the Calaveras County Government Center, 891 Mountain Ranch Road, San Andreas.

“By popular demand, this year the market will be open weekly,” a release says. “The main market will take place on the second Thursday of each month from 4-6 p.m. In the intervening weeks, CalaverasGROWN will operate a farm stand in the same location, offering many of the same products and a pick-up option for special orders.”

Along with fresh vegetables and herbs, olive oil, honeys and jams, mustards, eggs, locally roasted coffees, fresh flowers, soaps, lotions, body butters and more are available at the markets.

“The CalaverasGROWN board recognized that in order to fully serve the residents of San Andreas and its surrounding communities as well as the needs of the employees of the county Government Center and the employees at the Mark Twain Medical Center, a weekly market or farm stand was necessary to establish consistent buying patterns and ensure access to fresh, locally produced goods weekly,” the release said.

“Locally grown produce has traveled fewer miles, so it’s fresher, more nutritious and has greater flavor,” said CalaverasGROWN President Billie Hammer. “And dollars spent at this market are an important source of income for local farmers.”

The markets are free to visit, and the Demonstration Garden is open to explore options in your yard. Each market will also feature free activities for kids. On the second Thursday of each month, members of the Calaveras County band Vintage Vibrations perform jazz, swing and Dixieland tunes.

“Eating healthy is easier when you have access to fresh, affordable choices,” the release said. “This market accepts EBT, WIC and Senior FNMP checks. Thanks to a grant from (the) Mark Twain Health Care District, we are offering a Market Match program for EBT and WIC/Senior FNMP customers in 2019. That means that those customers receive double the amount of their benefits to spend on fruits and vegetables at the market.”

“Thanks to the generosity of the Dignity Health Medical Foundation, we are able to offer these market match programs to those in our community who most need access to fresh, nutritious, healthy foods and by offering these shopping opportunities at our local markets and farm stand, we are also keeping the money earned in our community and supporting our local farms and producers,” said market Manager Odile Morrison.

For more on the markets and farm stands, call Morrison at 256-6506

To close the month – and prepare for Independence Day – I hear that the fireworks show over New Hogan Reservoir is planned for June 29. The show is staged for free, but you’ll pay to enter the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers areas around the lake.

This show welcomes Independence Day with a bang (I had to), and you can almost walk across the lake and not get wet because of all the boats that hit the water, loaded with people ready for the rockets’ red glare. If you go, be sure to not barbecue unless you’re doing so in an existing barbecue in the day use areas or campgrounds.

There is a lot of summer fun in store, so be safe and enjoy the good times.

Send word on your Calaveras County events to

9 a.m. to 4 p.m. June 22

Roxi’s Garden, 657 Loveland Lane, outside West Point



9 a.m. to 1 p.m. June 24 to 28

Blue Mountain Coalition for Youth and Families, 364 Main St., West Point


Reserve at 293-4500

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