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Athlete of the Week: Bri Simpson

Calaveras County Athlete of the Week

Bri SimpsonEnterprise photo by Guy Dossi

Bri SimpsonEnterprise photo by Guy Dossi

Bret Harte junior volleyball player Bri Simpson had one of her strongest days on the volleyball court last week. The 6-foot Simpson helped lead Bret Harte to clean sweeps over Mariposa and Argonaut.

Against Mariposa, Simpson recorded a season-high 10 kills and had four blocks. Two days later in a Mother Lode League matchup against Argonaut, Simpson had five kills in seven attempts. She tied a season-high with three serving aces and recorded one block.

“I was very proud of myself for the way I played against Mariposa,” Simpson said.

On the year, Simpson is second on the team with a total of 50 kills. She has 13 total blocks, with nine of them solo and Simpson has seven serving aces.

“I’m feeling pretty comfortable,” Simpson said. “I know that I still have a lot of room to improve, but it’s still early in the season. But I know that I can still get a lot better.”

Simpson and Bret Harte host Calaveras at 6 p.m. Thursday in Angels Camp.



Age: 16

Hometown: Angels Camp

Favorite food: Taco Bell

Favorite dessert: Ice cream

Favorite drink: Strawberry lemonade

Favorite movie: “The Longest Ride”

Favorite TV show: “Family Guy”

Favorite music: “Any country music.”

Favorite board game: “Monopoly”

Dream superpower: “To fly.”

Celebrity crush: Channing Tatum

Dinner with anyone in history: George Washington

Which teammate would you trade places with for a day? “Katie Juarez, because of how high she can jump and how hard she hits the ball is amazing.”

Hidden talents: “I can doodle pretty well.”

Dream vacation: Puerto Rico

Dream car: Tesla

What’s something people don’t know about you? “I’m pretty much an open book. It’s such a small town that everyone pretty much knows everything about everyone.”

What’s a struggle with being tall? “All the guys are so much shorter than you.”

Spirit animal: Panda

Favorite thing about playing Calaveras: “Beating them.”

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