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Calaveras senior Logan Gomes is set to run from Summerville to Amador in 6 days to raise funds for MLL runners

The six-day run will cover three counties and 58 miles

Calaveras High School senior distance runner Logan Gomes is set to run the 58 miles between Summerville High School and Amador High School. Guy Dossi/Calaveras Enterprise

When distance runner Logan Gomes finished running at the 2023 Mother Lode League championship meet, the Calaveras High School senior knew that would not be the final time he’d run alongside members of the Mother Lode League.

However, the next time that Gomes takes off, it will not be for a league championship or to collect team points. No, Gomes is set to embark on a run of a lifetime. Gomes has put together an epic six-day relay run, which will start at Summerville High School in Tuolumne, and will end at Amador High School in Sutter Creek. The six-day relay will start on May 22 and end on May 27.

“I am doing this because I think it would be a really good send off to my senior year and to the Mother Lode League, which will be splitting up in two years,” Gomes said. “I also think it would help bring the schools together a little bit more.”

Gomes added, “I have had this idea for years and never really did anything to put it into action. I had the idea after getting home one day from track practice and thought, ‘You know what, I want to run this before I leave for college.’ Then my dad said to me, ‘Make it a fundraiser.’ So, I did. And hopefully this can benefit our league greatly and for the runners to have fun.”

Each day, Gomes will run from one Mother Lode League school to another and will be accompanied by a different runner. In total, the run will cover three counties and 58 miles. The first day will go from Summerville High to Sonora High (8.7 miles). The second day will go from Sonora High to Bret Harte High (16 miles). The third day will go from Bret Harte to Calaveras (12 miles). The fourth day will go from Calaveras to Mokelumne Hill (8 miles). The fifth day will go from Mokelumne Hill to Argonaut High (8.6 miles). And the final leg on the sixth day will go from Argonaut to Amador (4.5 miles).

Joining Gomes on different legs of the run will be Summerville’s Altin Hendricks, Sonora’s Brianna Personius, Bret Harte’s Winter Whittle, Calaveras’ Jesse Pinkston, Argonaut’s Maeve Klement, and other runners may also join along the way.

Gomes is hoping to raise money that can be split between the track and cross country teams in the Mother Lode League. A GoFundMe has been set up for donations. The goal is to raise $6,000.

“I am hoping to raise enough money for our league to afford whatever we may need to make races, meets, medical, protection, more access to other courses, and whatever else may be needed for our league,” Gomes said. “Even though this is for a fundraiser, all-in-all, it is for fun.”

To donate to Gomes, click on the included GoFundMe link.

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