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Love sometimes mean you have to discipline

Regarding Dr. Gary Johnson, had he not walked into the ICU at the right moment, my husband would not be here today. And his kindness to me at the time meant more than I can express.

My husband and I raised five children and the emotional cost to us during the teenage years cannot be measured. Somewhere along the line the teenagers must take some responsibility for their behavior, rather than blaming everything on the parent who has loved and cared for and given through all their growing years.

In defense not only of Gary Johnson, but every parent who has managed to make it through raising teenagers in this day and age, we all know there are times that can try the patience of a saint. As it stands today, parents have very few rights when it comes to disciplining their children.

If we did not love our children as we do, we would not be bothered to see that they become happy and decent people. Let’s hear it for discipline, and Gary.

Marlene Schaller


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