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Mine wants to be a good neighbor

There recently has been some local information about the status of the reclamation program at our Royal Mountain King mine site near Copperopolis. We certainly are hopeful that our longstanding dispute with the regional water board about water management issues at the Royal Mountain King will be resolved this year as a final step in our reclamation program.

In my years as manager of Royal Mountain King during mining, and now directing the reclamation program, it has been my pleasure and privilege to work with our neighbors and interested local people. We always welcome inquiries about our activities.

In response to neighbor inquiries, for example, we documented several years ago that water quality of Flowers Reservoir is not being affected by anything related to mining activities. Except for seasonal fluctuations and changes in historic patterns during the years the mine was operating, our situation is stable. There is no indication of a continuing escalation in salt constituents in either surface or groundwater related to our mining activities.

We have been diligent in reclamation planning and implementation, and are proud of the results. It’s gratifying to know our neighbors value our significant investment in vegetative work to restore hundreds of acres to natural conditions. Our neighborhood open house has been rescheduled to June 16 to avoid conflict with the Copperopolis homecoming on June 2. We will be coordinating with the Diamond XX Road Committee in conjunction with this event.

We have the highest commitment to the Royal Mountain King site and our local neighbors. I hope anyone with questions will contact me.

Edgar Smith


Meridian Beartrack Co.


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