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Private property, public concern

Preservationists and foundations that protect our natural resources and planet Earth’s animals have been created to save us from ignorant and uninformed property owners. The April 24 letter to the editor (“Oak laws attack private property”) stated that freedom-loving property owners have the right to do whatever they want with their land. My concern with this issue is the affect on generations of people.

Private property owners destroyed the Great Lakes and thousands of acres surrounding the lakes. We still have areas that are so contaminated by industrial waste that they will never be usable. Clear cutting private forestland has dramatically reduced our Pacific coast fisheries.

Dumping toxic chemicals from the Silicon Valley semi-conductor industry has cost taxpayers and companies millions to clean up. Ranchers and dairymen’s improper waste disposal has created e-coli breakouts in our food supply. The use of chemicals by farmers nearly eliminated the symbol of America’s freedom, the Bald Eagle. There are many more examples of private landowners with college degrees who made bad decisions that affected everyone.

California’s Sierra Nevada foothills are a very small area on planet Earth. Looking at a satellite view on Google you can clearly see the few oak tree groves that currently live in our foothills. When private owners remove these trees, they are gone forever.

I strongly believe in our Constitution and our constitutional right to make choices. I do not believe it is our right to destroy the planet we live on.

Kelly Sheehan

Angels Camp

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