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With the quality I see in your newspaper, I’ll be continuing my subscription


I have owned some property in Calaveras County for 23+ years but do not make it my primary residence. In anticipation of doing so in the future, I have been reading the Calaveras Enterprise all these years to keep my finger on the pulse of the county. My plans have recently changed, and my eventual residence in Calaveras County may not happen, so I was considering dropping my subscription to the Enterprise. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I read the January 20th edition recently. I usually skip the Opinion page as I know the vocal portion of the county can run conservative. I don’t need to read someone else’s often misinformed opinion. Sorry, but that’s my view as a person that puts in the effort to keep up to date on fact-based local, national, and global events, as well as separating news from opinion. That is why I was surprised and pleased to read the January 20th Opinion page.

On that page, I read Sean Kriletich’s informative write-up on nature’s use of networking for generosity, not greed. A lesson that Sean correctly pointed out we humans could benefit from by emulating. Thank you for that insight, Sean.

To the right side of the page, I read McAvoy Layne’s write-up on nobility of character. He’s absolutely right in identifying that trait as absent in a lot of today’s politicians. I believe our government was set up by our founding fathers with the expectation that nobility would remain a prerequisite trait in politicians. Without it our government system simply doesn’t work. Thank you for that observation, McAvoy.

Below that was Don Urbanus’s write-up on voting rights legislation, which is in much need of an update, that being held up in Congress for no good reason, at least from the country’s perspective. We need some federal checks and balances to ensure the right to vote is facilitated, not impeded. Thank you for giving us the facts, Don.

Finally, in the adjacent Letters to the Editor, critical care nurse Threse Deane provided some insight into life in the ICU during the pandemic. She was compelled to provide some facts to counter the all-too-prevalent misinformation surrounding the science of COVID-19. The plain truth is we need to all work together to defeat this virus, and we have the vaccines to do it. But as long as people confuse rights with compassion, the unvaccinated will continue to allow this dreadful virus to mutate and propagate. Make no mistake, we can’t base our opinion solely on what we know from the past. This virus will find and exploit weaknesses and change by the day if we let it. Thank you for caring, Threse.

And thank you, Editor Dakota Morlan, for printing the facts and information we all need. With the quality I see in your newspaper, I’ll be continuing my subscription.

Barrett Bowers

Aromas, Calif.

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