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Published in the July 22, 2003, print edition of the Calaveras Enterprise



HELD ON JULY 14, 2003

PRESENT: Paul Stein, Chair; Thomas Tryon, Vice-Chair; Lucy Thein, Merita Callaway and Victoria Erickson, Supervisors; Spencer Batchelder, County Counsel; Tom Mitchell, County Administrative Officer; and Carol Gates, Board Clerk



1. Minutes of June 23, 2003 Regular Board of Supervisors meeting – Board action: approved as written, 5-0

2. CORRESPONDENCE: June 27 thru July 2, 2003 – Board action: approved, as processed, 5-0

3. RESOLUTION approving the final map for Copper Meadows, Unit 2, Tract 93-535; Public Works/Surveyor – Board action: approved 5-0

4. RESOLUTION establishing a handicapped parking zone on Main Street, San Andreas; Public Works – Board action: approved 5-0

5. RESOLUTION approving the vacation of public utility easement in Meadowmont Subdivision, Arnold; Public Works/Surveyor – Board action approved 5-0

6. RESOLUTION authorizing allocation of funds and execution of Change Order No. 1 to complete installation of lights in parking lots at Old School on Jones Street and Masonic Hall/Veterans Memorial District pool along with a BUDGET TRANSFER, in the amount of $6015.00, in conjunction therewith; Public

Works – Board action: approved 5-0

7. RESOLUTION approving the final map for Tanglewood Estates, Unit 2, Tract 98-103; Public Works/Surveyor – Board action: approved 5-0

8. MINUTE ORDER authorizing Chair to sign Standard Agreement 03-0150 between the County and the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), Pest Exclusion Program for Fiscal Year 2003/04; Ag. Dept. – Board

action: approved 5-0

9. RESOLUTION approving agreement between Milhous Children’s Services and Calaveras County Children’s Services and Calaveras County Behavioral Health Services; Health Services Agency – Board action: approved 5-0

10. RESOLUTION approving agreement between Casa Del Sol, Inc. of California and Calaveras County Behavioral Health Services for the provision of residential services for persons with mental illness and dementia-related disorders; Health Services Agency – Board action: approved 5-0

11. RESOLUTION approving agreement between County of Stanislaus, Behavioral Health and Recovery Services and Calaveras County Behavioral Health Services for inpatient psychiatric services; Health Services Agency – Board action: approved 5-0


12. PUBLIC COMMENTS: Paul Stevens made reference to the Pledge of Allegiance; spoke of freedom of speech; voiced ongoing concerns with Sheriff’s Department and the abuse of authority; b) Frank Ginger spoke of constitutional rights and freedom of speech – Chair Stein responded.

13. Discussion and possible action re: budget deficit; Admin. – Board action: CAO Mitchell referred to normal correspondence from Sacramento regarding state budget; spoke of Republican Plan and related issues; Robert Kawasaki, Public Works, announced that the County will probably not receive monthly gas tax allocations (approximately $110,00 per month) until October – this is a real concern to the County.

14. MINUTE ORDER awarding contract to Delta Network Solutions, in the amount of $25,256.62, to install phone and data cable for office remodel project for Building and Planning Department; Building – Board action: continued for 1 week, to the meeting of July 21, 2003; 5-0

15. Discussion and possible action re: RESOLUTION and findings of fact re: APPEAL of the Planning Commission’s denial of 2003-03 Variance for Bert and Wilma Burns; Planning – Board action: approved Resolution authorizing agreement with Bert and Wilma Burns for a special use permit for Senior Citizen Occupancy of Dwelling Unit; 5-0

15a. ADDENDUM – Discussion and possible action re: emergency declaration to negotiate contract for Planning/Building Department remodel; Administration/County counsel – Board action: approved findings and RESOLUTION declaring emergency and authorizing negotiated contract up to $25,000.00; 5-0

16. Review of correspondence, reports and various matters of concern; Board Members and staff – a) Supervisor Callaway referenced her attendance last week at a Mokelumne River Association meeting – PG&E asked the organization to support their proposed reorganization settlement – there was discussion regarding the water plan and county of origin – Board authorized Callaway to draft a letter re: PG&E reorganization for Board consideration; will attend a Greater Arnold Business Association meeting this week; Thursday a Central Sierra Child Support meeting; a Snow Shoe Homeowners meeting on Saturday; announced that there is an Ebbetts Pass Forest Watch meeting this evening; spoke of Joe Darby and his mother Marina of Angels Camp and their raising of mail box puppies; referenced a letter from Robert and Joann Ragan of Murphys to the County Assessor voicing concern of personal data being mailed on post cards; b) Supervisor Thein had favorable news to report on the Burson Chicken Ranch – this has been a 6 year endeavor; will attend a Mental Health meeting tomorrow; Wednesday – a 12:00 p.m. Area Business Association meeting at LaContenta – 1:30 p.m. a Self Help meeting – 2:00 p.m a Adult Tutoring meeting – Music in the Park that evening in Mokelumne Hill; Thursday a Child Support and EMS Task Force meeting; Habitat for Humanity on Saturday; c) Supervisor Stein will attend Music in the Park Wednesday evening; will hold regular office hours on Thursday in West Point and Mountain Ranch; d) Supervisor Erickson, due to family illness, will be unable to have office hours in Copperopolis this week; received an invitation to attend a Waste Haulers meeting tomorrow – will not be able to attend; will attend a Sierra Resource meeting this Thursday to discuss/adopt their new work plan; e) Supervisors Callaway and Tryon will be at the Murphys Homecoming this weekend; f) CAO Mitchell spoke of a call from PG&E indicating that under their newest plan there will be no new franchise agreements resulting in the loss of a potential source of revenue; negotiations with Comcast are tentatively scheduled for next week; g) Jearl Howard, Agricultural Commissioner, referenced a letter voicing concerns of a Cart Horse in Murphys – this was also an issue last year – staff observed the horse last week and reported that it is in much better condition than it was a year ago – Howard met with the owner of the horse last week – Animal Control will require that the horse be provided water at the customer waiting station.

17. CLOSED SESSION with legal counsel, pursuant to Government Code Section 54957.6, personnel matter: conference re: Sheriff Management labor negotiations; Human Resources Director – not held

18. A STUDY SESSION was held with the Department of Agriculture to discuss – burning/burn barrels; this was a discussion/informational item only with no action taken

/s/ Karen Varni

County Clerk and Ex-Officio Clerk

to the Board of Supervisors of the

County of Calaveras, State of Calif.

PUBLISH: July 22, 2003CE

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