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Greenhorn district to choose representatives

An effort to elect public members of the Greenhorn Creek Lighting and Landscaping District moved a step forward when the Angels Camp City Council endorsed the concept during its regular Tuesday-night meeting March 6.

The district oversees the streets, lighting, landscaping and irrigating of common areas in the golf course community. Homeowners pay $300 per year to cover the costs.

Committee representatives include city government officials.

Public members are appointed to the panel by the City Council, but officials have expressed the belief that those representatives would receive more backing and support from Greenhorn Creek residents if they were elected.

During Tuesday’s City Council meeting the local lawmakers approved a letter requesting that the committee’s three public representatives be elected by Greenhorn Creek residents.

The letter will be sent to the Greenhorn Creek Advisory Committee, a panel of residents and representatives of the community’s activity clubs that reviews issues and concerns of property owners.

That committee would then conduct the election to the LLD Committee.

The City Council’s decision was not unanimous, passing on a 2-1 vote with Councilman Lee Seaton dissenting. Mayor William Hutchinson and Councilman Norm Price were absent.

Because the city still has the ultimate financial responsibility for the LLD, Seaton said it should be the entity conducting the election and proposed an amendment to the letter stating that.

The amendment died for lack of a second.

Councilman Paul Raggio said he understood Seaton’s concerns, but added that the issue was pretty well “thrashed about” at the last LLD committee meeting, with members feeling the matter was confined to Greenhorn Creek and those residents should oversee the matter.

One minor amendment was made to the letter at the request of Councilman Jack Lynch.

The election would include selection of an alternate representative in addition to the three committee members.

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