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Just the prescription for troops

Just the prescription for troops

Just the prescription for troops

Pharmacist Gary Duda and his wife Krista of Meadowmont Pharmacy in Arnold worked with one of their suppliers, Patrick Smith of McKesson Drug Co., to fill a big prescription. They worked for four days and came up with an incredible amount of much-needed supplies for the troops in the hot, dry Middle East.

Their work resulted in large buckets of Chapsticks, cases of baby wipes, eye drops and sunscreens that cost well over $1,000. The troops often only have the wet wipes with which to bathe, and the 130-degree weather creates huge needs for sunscreen, eye drops and lip balm.

A recent request for multi-vitamins was quickly addressed by Gary and Krista. The items were turned over to Operation Military Support for shipment.

Operation Military Support will continue to support our troops in the Middle East and other regions. One area Operation Military Support is focusing on is the creation of the neck coolers that are being requested by the troops. These coolers are very helpful in the heat. If you would like to help pay the cost of these much-needed items, call Suzette at 728-2000 or e-mail June at



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