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New golf pro, renovation at Meadowmont Golf Course

New Meadowmont golf pro Phil Arinno. Enterprise photo by JesiWhitehead

New Meadowmont golf pro Phil Arinno. Enterprise photo by JesiWhitehead

Phil Arinno from Sacramento has made the move to Meadowmont Golf Course in Arnold as the course’s new golf pro. Arinno, who has played the game since he was 10 and has been on local and national tours, is available for lessons at the course.

His job not only has him on the greens with golfers, but also has him in the sports shop and renovating the wooded course.

Opposed to popular belief, Arinno said, the perfect golf swing is not all in the hips, but “it’s in your grip and swing.” He also encourages golfers not to copy professionals’ swings because “no two swings are identical.”

For beginners looking to get into the golf world, keeping it a social game and putting money on holes is the way to keep it fun and challenging. To be as good as a pro, however, the sport must be treated as a job and played for hours a day, Arinno concluded.

In his time off, Arinno can be spotted with other golf pros from the area at the different courses.



The course has seen many renovations since Arinno started on the first of the year. A pond was put in between the eighth and ninth holes and Meadowmont is in the process of digging another well with a pump on the eighth to maintain the green. They have purchased more equipment and have gotten the greens in good shape as well as replacing two tee boxes and the green on the fifth hole. The owners of Meadowmont work close with Arinno on changes that could encourage more business.

In addition, Arinno will have a fall Merchants League starting Sept. 4. The league is open to the public. For more information or for lessons, contact Arinno at the Meadowmont Golf Course at 795-1313.

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