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Sheriff’s log

Sunday, Oct. 15

12:11 a.m., Murphys n Loud party.

12:46 a.m., Murphys n Subject arrested for public intoxication at Murphys Hotel.

4:55 a.m., Copperopolis n Domestic violence incident. Subject arrested.

5:32 a.m., Copperopolis n Suspicious male subject walking down the roadway in a baseball uniform.

5:39 a.m., Glencoe n Heavy equipment found. Possibly came from a construction site that is on Ridge Road.

8:04 a.m., West Point n Easement issues.

9 a.m., Glencoe n Sheep out in the roadway.

9:18 a.m., Valley Springs n Disturbance in a restaurant between ex-spouses.

11:02 a.m., Copperopolis n Verbal altercation.

11:43 a.m., Angels Camp n Juveniles running around Mark Twain Elementary School, possibly carrying a hacksaw.

12:40 p.m., Vallecito n Suspicious object found on the side of the road by clean-up volunteers.

12:38 p.m., Rail Road Flat n Livestock shot and killed.

2:37 p.m., Connor Estates n Domestic dispute.

4:58 p.m., Valley Springs n Deputy responds for an out-of-control juvenile.

5:15 p.m., Copperopolis n Subjects hunting on private property. They agree not to return.

5:32 p.m., Mountain Ranch n Reckless driver reported.

7:02 p.m., Copperopolis n Suspicious subject. Was left behind by a group hunting on private property. They will be returning for subject.

8:45 p.m., Burson n Physical altercation.

9:40 p.m., Copperopolis n Verbal altercation.

9:50 p.m., West Point n Possible trespasser.

11:43 p.m., Copperopolis n Loud music.

Saturday, Oct. 14

1:24 a.m., Dorrington n Possible drunk driver.

9:24 a.m., La Contenta n Deer dumped in garbage bin at Shell station.

9:52 a.m., Mountain Ranch n Ongoing neighbor dispute over easement.

10:03 a.m., Arnold n Abandoned trailer.

10:34 a.m., Copperopolis n Pit bull running around the area. Transferred to Animal Services.

10:38 a.m., Arnold n Subjects possibly hunting in the area. Unable to locate any subjects.

1:47 p.m., Mountain Ranch n Ongoing neighbor dispute.

2:52 p.m., Murphys n Phone harassment.

3:45 p.m., Murphys n Vandalism. Was children throwing acorns at each other. Doesn’t appear to be any damage.

5:16 p.m., San Andreas n Verbal altercation.

5:34 p.m., Sheep Ranch n Verbal altercation regarding easement dispute.

7 p.m., Arnold n Children playing in the street. Gone on deputy’s arrival.

7:21 p.m., Fricot City n Verbal altercation.

9:12 p.m., Rail Road Flat n Strange noises heard.

10:13 p.m., Mokelumne Hill n Verbal altercation.

10:54 p.m., Circle XX n Possible prowler.

11:11 p.m., San Andreas n Ongoing telephone harassment.

11:27 p.m., San Andreas n Physical altercation at the Red Brick.

Friday, Oct. 13

2:33 a.m., Valley Springs n Subject from Newark requests assist to pick up her vehicle in Valley Springs that she believes to have been taken from Newark by a family member. Unable to locate vehicle.

5:11 a.m., Copperopolis n Verbal dispute between a boyfriend and girlfriend.

9:34 a.m., Copperopolis n Generator stolen.

9:52 a.m., Valley Springs n Halloween decorations stolen. Were recovered.

11:46 a.m., West Point n Verbal dispute over terms for a load of wood.

1:45 p.m., Mountain Ranch n Neighbor dispute over an easement.

1:48 p.m., Valley Springs n Verbal altercation.

2:40 p.m., Near Copperopolis n Citizen assist. Semi truck broken down on Highway 4 at the vista point.

3:50 p.m., San Andreas n Money, $900, stolen from purse.

3:54 p.m., Valley Springs n Physical altercation.

4:06 p.m., Rail Road Flat n Verbal altercation.

6:32 p.m., Valley Springs n Physical altercation.

8:04 p.m., Valley Springs n Verbal altercation.

8:53 p.m., Rail Road Flat n Physical altercation.

9:03 p.m., San Andreas n Physical altercation.

10:06 p.m., Rail Road Flat n Verbal altercation.

10:30 p.m., Mokelumne Hill n Verbal altercation at the Hotel Leger.

10:47 p.m., Valley Springs n Verbal altercation.

11:41 p.m., Murphys n Verbal altercation at the Murphys Hotel.

Thursday, Oct. 12

7:33 a.m., Copperopolis n Juveniles at bus stop trespass on reporting party’s property in the mornings and mess with her car.

9:02 a.m., Valley Springs n Subject being harassed by estranged husband.

9:14 a.m., Valley Springs n Someone paint-balled reporting party’s house.

9:24 a.m., Murphys n Lumber stolen.

9:37 a.m., San Andreas n Credit card opened in reporting party’s name.

9:51 a.m., Sheep Ranch n Violation of court order.

10:08 a.m., Rail Road Flat n Landlord-tenant dispute.

10:53 a.m., Valley Springs n Subject arrived at residence and heard a door slam loudly. Residence was secure.

12:09 p.m., West Point n Mailbox smashed.

12:42 p.m., Murphys n Fraud on debit card.

12:52 p.m., Valley Springs n Ammunition stolen.

1:11 p.m., Wilseyville n Someone hooked all the hoses together and drained the water from reporting party’s water tank.

1:21 p.m., Dorrington n Firewood stolen.

1:23 p.m., West Point n Criminal threats made.

1:49 p.m., San Andreas n Carwash vandalized.

1:50 p.m., Mountain Ranch n Ongoing verbal altercation.

1:57 p.m., Mountain Ranch n Problem with neighbors’ dogs chasing reporting party’s car.

2:31 p.m., San Andreas n Person lost cell phone.

2:36 p.m., Near Angels Camp n Bicycle found.

3:35 p.m., West Point n Subject is working on his vehicle, which was wrecked last night.

4:19 p.m., Sheep Ranch n Verbal altercation.

4:30 p.m., San Andreas n Gas card stolen.

4:43 p.m., Valley Springs n Intoxication subject.

6:50 p.m., San Andreas n Possible trespassing.

8:46 p.m., Mokelumne Hill n Ongoing problem over annoying phone calls.

10:55 p.m., Rail Road Flat n Truck had hazard lights turned on and no one at the reporting party’s house turned them on. Subjects on the property are walking around, making a lot of noise.

The Sheriff’s Department has answered 31,955 calls for service this year.

Animal Services

Oct. 6 to 12

Compiled by Cindi Garringer

Calaveras Humane Society

Dogs impounded: 19; YTD: 572

Dogs euthanized: 2; YTD 128

CHS/rescue transfer: 1; YTD 115

Direct shelter transfer: 0; YTD 6

Adopted by public: 2; YTD 118

Dogs redeemed by owner: 1; YTD 130

Cats impounded: 31; YTD: 1,022

Cats euthanized: 32; YTD 577

CHS/rescue transfer: 6; YTD: 269

Adopted by public: 0; YTD 81

Cats redeemed by owner: 1; YTD 10

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