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Angels PD requesting surveillance camera registration

The following press release was issued by the Angels Camp Police Department.

The Angels Camp Police Department (ACPD) is reaching out to the residents and businesses with surveillance camera(s) on their property. ACPD would like to create a database to catalog the surveillance cameras in our community. After crimes have occurred, ACPD can reach out to the residents/businesses’ camera system has captured this vital information that may help solve the crime.

The database will keep record of the existence of a camera, its location, building address, camera specifications and contact information of the resident/business. ACPD may ask to view footage from the resident/business contact by phone/e-mail for investigative purposes, as necessary. Registering a system does not automatically grant ACPD permission to v iew video.

Video surveillance is one of the best methods for apprehending criminals and convicting suspects who are caught committing a crime. Video is also incredibly helpful to the District Attorney’s Office in the successful prosecution of the suspect(s).

If you are interested in participating in this community-police partnership, please complete the Video Surveillance Camera Registration form and submit the completed form to the ACPD. Participation in this program is voluntary, and residents and businesses can unsubscribe at any time by written notice to the ACPD. Participation in this program is free and all of the information will be kept confidential and used only during police investigations, and any subsequent court proceedings, if necessary.

If you are considering purchasing a video surveillance system, please consider the following:

• A minimum of 30-day storage of information is recommended

• Camera(s) should face entrance and exit points

• Camera(s) should be located on private property only

Video Surveillance Camera Registration forms are available at or at the Angels Camp Police Department.

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