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Meet KAAD at the fair

County fairs provide an opportunity for exhibitions by local enterprises. For instance, radio station KAAD 103.5 FM will make its debut at the 2016 Mother Lode Fair. Several years in the making, the soon-to-be-live station will be showcased at a fair booth.

“Our purpose is to announce the endeavor,” explained David Purdy, who, with his wife, Ellen Stewart, has worked long and hard to apply for the frequency and obtain the license required for a radio station.

Transmitting from atop the historic Dome in downtown Sonora, the low-power FM station (LPFM) will be a community-based station affiliated with the Tuolumne County Arts Alliance, capable of reaching a radius of 1.5 to 2 miles.

“For that reason, we will also have streaming capability, so folks can listen via the Internet,” Purdy said.

In addition to announcing the proposed programming for KAAD 103.5, organizers of the station hope to recruit listeners and solicit additional programming ideas, as well as perhaps locate volunteers interested in participating in the project.

KAAD will offer eclectic programming, including science shows such as “Biology of the Mother Lode” and health and fitness programs, and experts on rock climbing, fly fishing, gardening, cooking and area history and culture will be heard. The station will also feature area musicians, both vocal and instrumental.

“At the fair, we will be seeking reactions to and recommendations regarding programming,” said Purdy, who also noted plans to involve youth.

KAAD is a fledgling enterprise whose appearance at the fair creates an opportunity for dialog between the public and station organizers as the effort is launched.

Visit the exhibit halls to see what’s up locally at the Mother Lode Fair. That’s where innovations and imagination will be on display.

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