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With the rain letting up, senior golfers return to the links

Guy Dossi/Calaveras Enterprise file photo

Due to weather restraints, senior golfers were not able to play in March until March 27. On a positive note, it did allow several players a longer recovery period from St. Patrick’s Day. It was an event where tie scores dominated the day.

Leading the way in a contest of bogie points in the gold tee flight was Los Angeles Dodger-lover Rahls Hemmes, who had the most points of the day (37). He earned quite a pot of gold. Hemmes is a member of the senior board and just like at home, he is second in command. A four-way tie ensued for second amongst Mike Mendoza, Clifford Howard, Dan Borges and Gabe Karam.

It was thought that Mendoza had the largest hearing aids ever until it was realized he was wearing ear phones. When Howard was asked how did he find all that rain, he replied, “I just went out and there it was.” Borges, who at one time owned a garbage company, is always cheery. No one has ever seen him down in the dumps. Karam, like Samson, seems to have lost some strength after having his beard shaved.

In the white tee flight, Dave Mullen was on cloud nine after taking first. Tied for second was former CalTrans executive Ron Bassett, who safely made it around the dampened course, and retired longshoreman Ken Jones, who continues to unload quite a game. A fourth-place tie found David Dean, Al Liberato and Russ Hart.

From the red tee flight, Steve Weyrauch’s father figure George Dillon took first. When Steve’s wife Debbie learned of the age difference between the two, she said, “Shouldn’t he be your grandfather figure?” Steve came out of hibernation during March to tie St. Jon Foucrault for second.

In the closest-to-the-hole contest on No. 4 from the golds, Mike Pisano was the only golfer to hit the green and because of his prowess in this event, he immediately started a petition to name all par threes after him. So far, one person has signed the petition.

In the contest on No. 13 from the whites, David Dean took first over Alan Couchman. From the golds, Karam made his grandchildren richer as he edged past Mendoza. Dillon finished a profitable day earning all the red tee money.  

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