Summer’s sizzle keeps us groovin’

I’ve heard all kinds of tales regarding how gardens are growing this summer. We had what many who raise goodies in their backyards call a slow start to the summer growing season, but then the mercury jumped to the stratosphere and melted most of what we hoped would grow.If your own plot is a work in progress, you can still […]

Paint on the fly in the Mother Lode

Area artists like to work outdoors

Day hikers zoom past me on the trail, laughing, swinging their arms, nearly skipping. Me? I trudge, dragging a frayed rolling suitcase full of supplies up a hill. I juggle a tripod, umbrella, my lunch. I slap away a deer fly that is searching for a tender place to bite.I set up my easel to overlook a mountain peak covered […]

Libraries get a little help from their friends

“Any friend of the library is a friend of mine,” California’s Poet Laureate remarked during a recent visit to Jackson. And when Dana Gioia said it, he wasn’t just giving a nod to the organization that hosted his appearance, he acknowledged 43 years of nonstop volunteerism in the service of a more stimulated community and socially enlightened world.The Friends of […]

New Clan Dyken album encourages us

Deep in the bowels of the Sonora Dome building in the windowless, soundproof basement of the KAAD-LP radio studio, I had the distinct privilege of spending an hour in the company of Bear and Mark Dyken of Clan Dyken fame. Shelley Muniz interviewed the musicians for her radio program “Speaking of the Mother Lode.”Before the interview began, bearded Bear tuned […]