3 journalists, 1 challenge: Eat your way through fair’s fare

Readers are about to be let in on a not so well-kept secret.Ready?Reporters like to eat.We will tackle any story if it means there’s food involved. So when assignments were being chosen for the Calaveras County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee, a review of fair grub had to be done.Editor Marc Lutz, reporter Davis Harper and “Stretch” columnist Corissa Davidson […]

Reeling from the one that kept trying to get away

Xperience Fishing

In each and every sport there is an objective. In some sports, the goal is to dribble a ball down the court and make a basket, hit a ball out of a player’s reach, or to simply toss a shoe from a horse around a metal stake stuck into the ground. In the sport of fishing or angling, the primary […]

PG&E-contracted tree removal crews on hot seat for entering properties without notifying homeowners

A Mario’s Tree Service crew, contracted by Pacific Gas & Electric Co., recently came under scrutiny after entering a property in Wilseyville and removing trees under the utility’s wildfire safety program without notifying the homeowner two days in advance.Although it’s not a new problem by any means, work crews not notifying local residents of their presence is drawing an increasing […]

Friday, May 17 at the Calaveras County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee

Trading reins for reigns

Saddle Queen 2018 wins Miss Calaveras 2019

On May 16, 17-year-old Katherine Sharp of Mountain Ranch was crowned Miss Calaveras 2019. Last year, she won Calaveras Saddle Queen 2018. She is the first young woman in the history of the Calaveras County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee to win both titles and to have won them consecutively.She’s not the only one; Emily Bolton, who won first runner […]

Avalon Healthcare promotes Robertson to nursing director

There’s a new director in town. Laurie Robertson, RN/DON, has recently been promoted to the position of nursing director at Avalon Health in San Andreas.Robertson is well informed of the medical industry, being a registered nurse for 12 years. In addition to her experience as a nurse, she also has experience in emergency medicine, medical/surgical nursing and hospice nursing.She discovered […]