Nature finds a way … into my path


The ringing of the alarm clock shatters my deep slumber at 3:30 a.m. It is day nine of 10 straight days waking up before dawn and heading to the lake for another outing. During the summer months, the best opportunity to catch fish is in the first few hours of the morning. Like the saying, “The early bird gets the […]

Two new COVID-19 cases confirmed in Valley Springs; countywide count now 28

Calaveras County Public Health has reported two additional cases of COVID-19 confirmed in a Valley Springs man and a woman.The two cases are unrelated, and a source of exposure is being investigated, according to Public Health.“People should stay home as much as possible, especially those at higher risk for severe illness to COVID-19. Take the necessary preventive actions to keep […]

Bret Harte Male Athlete of the Year: Kodiak Stephens

Stephens reflects on successes, keeps eye on state’s top prize for senior year
The ’Frog of steel

Kodiak Stephens has earned everything he has, and he’d like it no other way.At the beginning of the 2019 football season, the Bret Harte High School junior was one of only 17 players on the Bullfrog roster. During a preseason practice, Stephens was asked if he was looking forward to playing every snap and never coming off the field. His […]

Arnold resident has rocky encounter with rare flying squirrel

While wildlife sightings are not uncommon in the Arnold area, a Lakemont Pines resident recently had a run-in with an especially elusive critter.On the evening of May 31, Peggy Rourke-Nichols’ cat walked through the door of her home covered in dirt and making a squeaking noise.“I thought, ‘That’s not normal cat sounds,’” she said. “I went, ‘Oh my gosh, what […]

Calaveras County law enforcement not enforcing Newsom’s mask order

Update 3:35 p.m., 6/19/20: Tuolumne County Sheriff Bill Pooley issued the following statement in regards to facemask enforcement:”Our position has always been to rely on education and we will continue with that same strategic direction. I am working closely with county health officials and state officials regarding the governor’s order. I am encouraging community members to be respectful of others by wearing […]

We all need to be a little more like Matthew

Dossi Thoughts

It’s amazing how a few kind words can make such a huge difference.Let’s face it, 2020 has not been an ideal year for many different reasons. It seems that everyone is struggling with something and there appears to be no answer or escape.I’m not going to sit here and pretend like everything is all right. In just six months, I’ve […]