Tom DeLappe retires after 26 years of coaching Calaveras baseball

'I’ll miss the coaching a lot; I enjoy working with the kids,' – Tom DeLappe
Going, going, gone
Calaveras Baseball

After 26 years of being associated with Calaveras High School baseball, longtime coach Tom DeLappe has decided to leave the dugout. He exits the Calaveras baseball program as the only coach to lead his team to a section championship, which was captured in May.DeLappe’s Calaveras career includes coaching over 650 players, reaching the section championship three times and capturing one […]

Remembering the Mokelumne Hill bombing of 1946

2 died, others maimed; the perpetrator never identified
Unsolved mystery

Seventy-six years ago this month, Mokelumne Hill was rocked by a blast that took the lives of a father and son, killed their dog and injured several people. Hardly any old-timers still remember the shock of that day, and no plaque marks the place on Center Street where it happened.It all started with a boy, a stone, and a dog.On […]